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Hit Me!

March 27, 2009


I did a mini makeup lesson today on how to make realistic bruises.  Because there are moments when I just can’t resist the opportunity for theatrics, I gave myself a black eye before heading to work.  (Just to clarify, I gave myself a black eye with makeup before heading to work.)  I came up with a good story about how it happened and flexed those acting muscles as I explained it all to my first period class… followed by, “Just kidding, it’s makeup.  We’re going to learn how to make bruises today.”  They were silent for the longest time.  Finally Mr. Challenge in the back row said, “There’s no way that’s fake!”  I dove into the demonstration and a sorry looking bunch of characters rolled out my door 45 minutes later.

After second period I saw one of my black-eyed students, Matt, walk out of his class with a smirk.  As he approached me I said, “Did you fool anyone?”  He just grinned, and shortly thereafter I saw a kid run out after him, shouting, “Hold up!  WHAT HAPPENED?!?”  He said, “Ms. Alexander hit me.”  The kid said, “Come on, seriously!” to which I replied, “Don’t worry, he hit me back.”  The kid looked at me, looked at my student… and then Matt couldn’t take it any longer.  He burst out laughing and confessed it was makeup.

Watching the boys get excited about makeup was fun.  At one point during the day I actually heard the words, “Ms. Alexander, does my nose look shiny?  I think I need some more powder.”  Later in the day a group of big, macho 8th grade boys stopped me in the hall and begged me to give them black eyes.  It’s not every day the students ask you to hit them!

I think I’ll try to do bruises, along with scars, around Halloween next year.  I think the kids would get a kick out of it.  And it’s great publicity for the theatre program, too.  Today my students were walking billboards: “Theatre is cool!”

Instructions on how to make the bruises are posted on the “Lessons” section of this site if you’re interested.

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  1. Liza permalink
    April 3, 2009 12:28 pm

    That’s so great you’ve found a way to make theatre (and especially make-up) so cool! Drama class can be very beneficial for teenagers in all walks of life – great advertising! I would have loved to have seen the looks on the faces of the kids.

  2. June 11, 2009 12:12 am

    One of my awful-est stories from my first year teaching is the day that I made stage blood with my kids. It was an end-of-year reward, and predictably, they were uber-engaged throughout the period. Magic.

    Then brilliant me decides to let them take their “blood” home in little tupperware containers. After second period. With five whole hours left in the school day. You can imagine the look on my principal’s face when she called me into her office at lunchtime and told me how long it had taken her office to realize that the “blood spatters” all over the bathroom were fake….

    • msdramaqueen permalink*
      June 11, 2009 10:50 am

      Omigoodness…. That is HILARIOUS! Note to self: Hold onto the fake blood til 8th period. 😉 Thanks for the tip!

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