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“Jason, get out of the trash can!”

March 30, 2009


This is the first of what I think will become a recurring theme on my blog, titled, “Say What?!?: Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say in the Classroom.”

Yes, I said it.  I literally said, “get out of the trash can” to a student.  Now, you’re probably thinking, “Phew, she must need some help in the classroom management department!” so let me explain.  This line was said while the student’s group was rehearsing an original scene, in which Jason thought it would be funny if one of them fell backwards into the trash can.  When I turned around he was in the midst of his demonstration… sitting butt first in the can, feet dangling over one side, arms over the other.  His eyes, barely visible above the edge, opened wide and looked at me like, “What’d I do?” when I gasped.

Now that’s entertainment.  This is why I love my job.  I feel sorry for math teachers who rarely (if ever) get a chance to witness something like that… while the kids are actually working!

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