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Improv Magic

April 8, 2009

gobletSharing a proud moment today….

A very shy kid who was very uncomfortable on stage was doing an imagination improvisation where he had to turn a cup (goblet) into anything other than a cup every time I said, “transform.”  He was so insecure about the whole thing.  The first part was super boring because he and his partner weren’t doing anything with their objects.  When I told them to transform their objects into something else he was really struggling, so I told him to think about where they were (a bus) to spark some ideas.  He put the cup in front of him like a steering wheel, but then immediately said, “No, just kidding,” and stopped.  I said, “No!  Go for it!  Trust your instincts!”  All of a sudden he was driving the bus… speeding up, making sharp turns, scaring the you-know-what out of his passenger.  Then the steering wheel fell off and he lost control of the bus….  It was amazing.  When I asked them to transform for the last time, it was the same thing.  He was completely unsure of himself again.  Finally he put the cup on his foot and said, “It’s a shoe,” immediately followed by, “No, just kidding.”  I encouraged him to go for it and it was hysterically funny.  When it was all over and done with his classmates were really cheering him on and telling him how great he did.  He was so proud, and when I sent him to the bathroom to wash his hands (the cup was spray painted and turned his hands silver), he exited the room with a big dramatic, “I’ll be back!” to his fans.  What an amazing moment.  I was so proud to bring that out in him.  This is what it’s all about!

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