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New Girl

April 28, 2009


The other day I learned what it is like to get a very pretty new girl in your 7th/8th grade class.  Looking back on it I am laughing.  I mean, come on….  I was in middle school once.  I can’t believe I had forgotten.

I have never seen my 7th period boys act like such complete maniacs before.  I was totally embarrassed for the new girl, coming into such an INSANE classroom.  I was standing in the hall before the bell rang when I heard voices coming out of my room, which was unusual because they are usually my best class when it comes to entering the room and doing their journal work.  I looked in the door and my jaw dropped.  Who were these people?!?

All the boys were up out of their seats, out-“witting” (and I use that term very loosely) one another.  One boy begged me to seat her next to him, another tossed a Jonas Brothers pin at her that he found on the floor.

I guess that’s a good way to get a gift… to get pelted in the face with it (especially when it’s covered in stinky adolescent feet germs).

She threw it back.  Good girl!  We exchanged a mental high-five and a beautiful relationship was born.

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