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All-Star Cast

May 27, 2009

trophyIt’s almost the end of the school year and I have been busy packing up my room.  Today I walked by an award display on my wall and got sentimental, so I thought I would share the story behind it.

My Drama Club took a show to our school district’s theatre arts festival earlier in the year.  I was completely new to the whole festival thing and decided to do a little comedy revue instead of tackling a play.  All of our costumes and props fit into one large plastic bin, and our set consisted of a wooden box.

(A teacher once told me to “KISS:”  Keep It Super Simple….  So I did!)

Anyway, the kids were amazing.  They were a huge hit at the festival.  After all the groups had performed that day, they gave out “All Star Cast Member” awards to the top two kids in every cast.  My two winners got on stage and accepted their awards, but then they walked offstage and Brian handed me his award and said, “Here, Ms. Alexander.  This belongs to everyone, not just me.”  Jacob then said, “Yeah, we couldn’t have done it without you,” and handed his over.

I cried.

I mean, if I had won an award like that when I was their age, there is NO WAY I would have given it up for anything!  I told them there was no way I could keep them, but they insisted and I finally decided I would make a nice color copy for my wall and give them their originals back.  They wouldn’t take them.  So I finally caved, saying the only way I would keep it is if they signed it and wrote a dedication.  Now every time I pass them hanging on my wall I feel a sense of pride as I read their words:

“Dedicated to Ms. Alexander and the cast….”  “I’m giving this to all the crew because it wasn’t just me, but them too.”

You know, I have had my share of stresses and frustrations this year, but when you get to be a part of something as amazing as that, all that other stuff just doesn’t matter.  I will definitely be back to do it all over again in the fall!

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