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Finding good theatre worksheets is difficult!  I am not a worksheet fan, but when I have to come up with an assignment for a kid in ISS or Saturday school, or pull something together for a sub, I find myself making up assignments on the fly that I’m sure are not that beneficial to them.  And let’s be honest….  I don’t have the time to reinvent the worksheet wheel, what with all of the other wheels I’m reinventing.  So this page is going to be an ongoing project.  As I find good worksheets (or heck, maybe even make them myself) I will share them here.


This is a list of books that some generous theatre teachers in my district have loaned me that have a lot of good worksheets in them:

  • Theater Through the Ages by Michael Kramme, PhD – This is a great one!  There’s lots of good theatre history stuff in here.
  • Theatre Arts Connections by McGraw Hill – I have Level 6.  This is actually a whole curriculum but I haven’t used that part of it yet (I dig the worksheets out of it)!

Misc. Ideas

  • Write a paper on how Theatre Arts will help them in other areas of their life
  • Read a chapter in the text and answer questions in the back of the chapter/lesson
  • Scripts
    • Read a script and write a summary
    • Compare and contrast two plays
  • Articles
    • Give them a copy of an article with some questions to answer (I haven’t found the time to do this yet.  Summer project?)
    • Give them a copy of an article and have them summarize it (Maybe that would help me come up with questions!)
    • Give them a copy of an article and have them create questions about it (Ooh, I literally just thought of that….  Even less work for me, because I could steal the questions and use them on the next worksheet victim!)
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